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The public has been invited to comment on an Environmental Impact Statement for the proposed $8 billion Aquis Resort at Yorkey’s Knob near Cairns. Deputy Premier and Minister for State Development, Infrastructure and Planning Jeff Seeney said the Coordinator General’s release of the proponent’s EIS for public feedback was an important step in the environmental assessment of this proposed development.

“The State Government is committed to growing the tourism pillar of the Queensland economy, and the rigorous assessments and consultation undertaken by the independent Coordinator General are critical in ensuring proposed projects respect the environment,” Mr Seeney said.

“The Coordinator-General has determined that Aquis’ EIS adequately addresses matters outlined in the Terms of Reference and he has now made it available for public comment. “The Terms of Reference for the EIS required the proponent provide a comprehensive impact assessment on surface and groundwater quality, marine water quality impacts on the Great Barrier Reef, flooding and storm tide inundation, social and economic concerns, and local infrastructure. “I thank everyone who commented on the draft Terms of Reference in October 2013 and now invite them and other interested parties to comment on the EIS, another vital step in the assessment process.

“The proposed development site,about 13 kilometres from Cairns, covers 343 hectares of land, most of which is currently used for growing sugar cane.” The Aquis development proposal includes 7,500 hotel rooms, a convention and exhibition centre, entertainment facilities including theatres, gaming facilities, an artificial lake, a lagoon, golf course and sports centre.

Following this public consultation phase, the Coordinator-General will thoroughly evaluate the EIS submissions and prepare an evaluation report that addresses all the potential impacts of the project.

The Coordinator-General is conducting a single assessment on behalf of the State and Federal governments with consultation set to occur from 21 June until 5 August 2014.

For the first time people can use the innovative consultation tool Citizen Space to comment on the EIS, online at https://haveyoursay.dsdip.qld.gov.au/coordinatorgeneral/aquis-eis To view the EIS or for more information, visit www.dsdip.qld.gov.au/aquis

  • I must say as a long time "local" - 25+ years, this would have to be one of the most exciting and prosperous venture for the Far North, if not Qld or even Australia. The injection into the local economy will get a lot of struggling businesses back on track. Nay sayers be buggered. Look at Skyrail. It was allegedly going to destroy the World Heritage Wet Tropics. It has won countless awards and is world renowned for environmental excellence. If we let this one get away, a lot of Cairns and the Far North will be in bad shape.

    July 2, 2014 at 12:42 pm
    Posted by James
  • 1. This project will dominate Yorkeys Knob for the foreseeable future. The project will also have long term affects on the environment in respect of: a. Carbon emissions - there is 51.5 kt of CO2 equivalent emissions form this project per year, and no mitigation proposed; b. Water usage - only on third of the total water usage is proposed to be from reclaimed water - a project of this size could set the standard and provide 100% water recycling to potable water standards; c. By not providing any long-term residential component the project over-inflates the value of housing in Yorkeys Knob d. Downplays the effect on threatened species, thus not providing for a robust sustainable design. 2. Design flood levels are too low. The 1% AEP for a project of this magnitude with a probable life of 50 years, when combined with known storm surge events to and probable sea level rise over 50 years require at least a 1.2 meter freeboard over the calculated 1% AEP level. 3. Social. The proponents ignore the possibility of severe damage which can be caused to communities through gambling. Such damage does not only affect problem gamblers and their associates, but also affects the community in which the gambling facility is located. This mus be addressed by the propononents, and not assumed away.

    July 1, 2014 at 9:07 am
    Posted by Gordon Chirgwin
  • your link for U. Indigenous Cultural Heritage does not load the appendix page - has a 404 error.

    June 22, 2014 at 7:51 pm
    Posted by sam
    • Hi Sam. Thank you for notifying us of the broken link. The link has been amended and is ready for viewing.

      June 23, 2014 at 7:28 am
      Posted by Aquis Administrator In reply to sam
  • I have slogged though a whole day and night reading the EIS and understanding the issues which will affect me, my family, the communty of Yorkeys Knob, Cairns and the wider Region itself. Most of the EIS is very technical and not applicable to my life, family, or self interest but appears to be well taken care of. I deal with what affects me and my family. I am a "blow in" or "tourist"and not a "local" as the "locals" like to ridiculously put it, hahahaha..as I have only owned my house, not RENTED and been with my family in my own home at Yorkeys for 12 years). This hillbilly ( quiet little fishing village) mentality is essentially what the AQUIS project has to deal with, as that "loacl" classification is still used by many people opposed to AQUIS, so that mentality is the mentality of opposition who fear the introduction of the 6 string banjo. Through my own family's involvement and risk investment in property in this community we have been partly responsible for 48 other family groups to also be able to reside in Yorkeys Knob and enjoy the lifestyle on offer, which everyone who has a pulse and can walk talk and breathe on this planet, is entitled to come here to do at any time. The data of the social demographic of Yorkeys Knob, (arguably the most affected community of AQUIS), collected from the census 2011 was very telling, (wow), and says a whole lot about this community, which has a very high turnover of community and people, people who come and go, in and out like the tide on the beach, these people are not as affected as families who work hard, have risked a lot to save, buy a home here and pay a mortgage on the home for their families. The data clealry shows that actual home OWNERS and OCCUPIERS and whole FAMILIES who live at Yorkeys Knob is actually a very small number and a complete minority. I have no intention of moving from Yorkeys Knob for at least 40 years or until I die whichever comes first, and myself and family are very welcoming of this AQUIS project for our whole families sake and my chldren and grandchildrens sake now and into the future. The suburb is clearly highly mobile,and with so many of the suburb renting and in units, to up and move into and out of Yorkeys Knob is easy if you are (a)single, (b) never married, (c) no children, (d) don't own your own home, (e) renting, or (f) unemployed, which the majority of Yorkeys Knob clearly is. It is also incedibly easy to up and move if you are unhappy, can't find work, or the million other reasons why people move around from place to place. The undeniable demographic and data clearly demonstrates that any social and environmental affect on FAMILIES, (a MINORITY of the Yorkeys Knob landscape), will be minimal except a greater income capacity for life, and is not prosperity for family and children and grandchildren a tick in the wish box for most people with half a brain?. I would suggest that bona-fide FAMILIES , property OWNERS and genuine energetic lovers of life will stay, use the many years of great well-paid work to better themselves and their children and their future, learn another language-Mandarin, get a trade, use the trade, be close to work, ( thousands will NOT use a car! GREAT reduction in carbon emissions)..and use their brains to make a great life out of this opportunity. The community will grow and prosper and I would rather live with my family in a proud, propsperous, sea-side community where evryone has jobs for the next 100 years than a poverty ridden derelict and overgrown community of disgruntled whingers. The majority of the detractors and population in general, based on comments over the past 6 months in all the media, are just not "getting" change and have to accept that there are greater minds at work gloablly whose reach includes Australia, and that they are getting left behind in the cycle of life. Fung is a genius. Just read the comments of those who think otherwise OMG. It is acceptable to the AQUIS detractors to allow millions of acres of cane fields in the Far North which few make a profit from, ( private landholders and overseas companies) provides nil community projects and support, is ugly for mile after mile after mile after mile, blocks out all views from the road for 6 months of the year but which delivers land, sea and air pollution 6 months of the year including the god given right of cane farmers to cause health problems with smoke pollution, casuses a damaged reef from runoff ingredients, which will never end. The AQUIS will not even TOUCH the reef but has the sugar industry given us an EIS which will protect the reef we prize along with Leonardo DiCaprio? I like striking architecture, as i have seen and admired overseas, and I would rather look at, admire, enjoy and soak up the exciting atmosphere created by AQUIS as a part of my communitywho gives back to the community than to look at trillions of acres of somebody else's boring cane, who gives nothing back. Even their workers are not "locals " (LOL) I suggest that people who fear progress and a believe the world is ending because of AQUIS, climb a tree and sit there for a few weeks to protest, then come down in abject failure because noone actually cares, hop on a bus and find somewhere else to live because we positive vibrant and willing families want progress, jobs for the next 100 years and a future for our families and we want a future for the region and all that the benefits will bring to many. Not a single entity, be it State, Federal, Local or private, has yet or ever will deliver to this Region EVER, the benefits which will be able to be drawn from AQUIS. Every second of living is precious to me and my family, I cannot waste my life worrying about 50 years down the track, this is now and that is then. The Region, Cairns and Yorkeys Knob are quiet and nice, but a bit ugly in places..so is a cadaver.I cannot waste my time and life worrying about negative, tree hugging crap. If the detractors do not want propserity, see ya later, go away, because we (over 80%) do. Welcome AQUIS.

    June 20, 2014 at 9:03 pm
    Posted by Royd Kennedy
    • Wow I agree with all your comments. I no longer live in Cairns but own 2 properties of which I was going to sell when insurances went from $1700 to $11,000. Thanks NAB. We changed insurer and have been tracking Aquis closely since first started. We were living and working overseas at the time of commencement. I would love for Aquis to afford me and my family the pathway to returning yo Cairns sometime in the future. Having taken my family all over the place working and being back in Oz last 18 months, the irrational and closed minds of many Australians disappoints me. Come on Cairns, you can have your cake and eat it too. What a beautiful part of the world that cam also be an economic centre for FNQR away from mining. Let's hope sanity prevails and we see a world class tourist centre developed

      June 21, 2014 at 4:29 pm
      Posted by Rick vine In reply to Royd Kennedy
    • I hope you enjoy the sounds of the construction "Pile Drivers" the 10 years of Trucks, earthworks, and the constant noise, light, the extra 4,000 cars and the extra 11 Jumbos a day that this development will bring to you, good luck and best wishes Robin Heath Defence Technical Officer Retired

      July 10, 2014 at 2:17 pm
      Posted by Robin Heath In reply to Royd Kennedy
  • I was very excited about the Aquis project when it was first announced, I felt the Aquis people were very open in regards as to what they wanted to do for Cairns. Having read the EIS my feelings have not changed and I think they are doing everything to meet there requirements in regards to the environment and things such as social issues. I liked the original Aquis Resort design but the new design is Absolutely Brilliant. Looking forward to the starting date

    June 20, 2014 at 12:19 pm
    Posted by Glenn Fallon
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