Aquis Recognises Aboriginal Heritage With New Agreement

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THE Aquis Great Barrier Reef Resort has pledged to protect and manage the Aboriginal cultural heritage on the proposed site of the $8.15 billion integrated resort at Yorkeys Knob under a new formal agreement.

The world-class integrated resort has prepared a Cultural Heritage Management Plan (CHMP) under the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act of 2003.

Aquis and the Yirrganydji people, the registered Aboriginal cultural heritage body for the site, signed the plan at a special ceremony today (July 17).

The plan was completed in consultation with the Yirrganydji people and contains measures that will be taken before, during and after the development of Aquis in order to manage the cultural heritage of the site.

“Aquis recognises the Yirrganydji people’s connection to their traditional lands and we are committed to working in partnership with them to ensure the cultural heritage of the site will be managed sensitively,” said Aquis CEO Justin Fung.

Yirrganydji spokesperson Jeannette Singleton said the establishment of the CHMP was a positive contribution towards the protection of the site.

“This site is very important to the cultural heritage of the Yirrganydji people and the CHMP will help retain its integrity and preserve it for future generations,” she said.

The CHMP includes:

  • Guidance to Aquis, its employees and nominees in the identification, protection and management of Aboriginal cultural heritage;
  • Provide the basis for site inductions provided to Aquis and its employees and nominees;
  • Provide the necessary information and requirements for recognition of Aboriginal cultural heritage and the respect for aboriginal knowledge, culture and traditions;
  • Outline a clear and agreed process for Aquis and the Yirrganydji people to manage items of Aboriginal cultural heritage significance, including new discoveries;
  • Provide a basis for the inclusion of Aboriginal cultural heritage in project management decisions and planning;
  • Outline processes for ongoing effective communication between Aquis and the Yirrganydji people;
  • Provide the Yirrganydji people with an acceptable level of comfort that items of Aboriginal cultural heritage significance within the CHMP area will be suitably protected and managed;
  • Recognise Aboriginal people as the primary guardians, keepers and knowledge holders of Aboriginal Cultural Heritage; and
  • Ensure that project activities proceed with minimum delay or impediment.

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