Aquis Appoints Project Director

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The Aquis Great Barrier Reef Resort is pleased to announce the appointment of Cairns-based engineer and project manager Pat Flanagan to the position of Project Director.

As the Chairman of Flanagan Consulting Group, Mr Flanagan has played a central role in the project to date, including the successful development and approval of Aquis’ Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).

In the new role Mr Flanagan will be responsible for all levels of planning and community engagement as well as working with the State Government to progress the project. He will also be part of the ongoing project review.

Mr Flanagan will continue as Chairman of Flanagan Consulting Group, which will continue to provide key advisory services to Aquis.

Aquis Chairman Tony Fung said Mr Flanagan’s in-depth understanding of the project and the Cairns community would provide a strong local voice for the project in the future.

“Pat has been an integral member of the Aquis team for more than two years and I look forward to his greater involvement,” he said.

“We remain committed to progressing Aquis and look forward to working with the State Government to turn our vision into a reality as quickly as possible.”

As part of the changes Aquis CEO Justin Fung has re-located to Canberra to take up a senior management position at Casino Canberra. The Fung family acquired the Canberra facility late last year as part of the overall financing and development strategy for Aquis.

Mr Flanagan welcomed the opportunity to continue working on the project in a formal capacity.

“Aquis represents an incredible opportunity for Cairns and the entire north Queensland region,” he said. “The positive economic impact of a project like Aquis will bring massive benefits to the people of Cairns and provide the impetus for a range of other investments in the city.”

“I look forward to working with the Cairns and Yorkeys Knob communities to ensure the project remains sympathetic to the lifestyle we all enjoy while building a prosperous and sustainable city.”

Mr Flanagan said he was looking forward to a timely resolution of the Queensland election and working with the new Government.

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